Terry 1999


Machine Piecing
Machine Applique
Machine Quilting  
Size 80×70cm

アメリカ滞在中につくったキルトです。主人の実家の犬、テリー。 ヨークシャーテリアの中でも、生まれつき小さなテリー。広い庭を駆け回り、ハッと気づいたら写真を撮られていた・・・という一瞬です。




This is a quilt I made during my stay in America. The dog had lived my parents in law’s home. He was a very small Yorkshire terrier. It was a moment when he ran around in a large garden. I took a picture of the moment he just turned around.

I used leafy fabric to represent a garden with lots of green. For the body part of Terry, I cut the material into small pieces and sewed them along the wave of the hair with a sewing machine to express
thin and soft hair.

This is the first art quilt I learned while studying in the United States. My teacher, Nancy, died in the summer, about 10 years later. I wanted to show more works.

Cool and nice Chilled class room, beautiful blue sky and cactus in Phoenix, Arizona. Sew and sew the right size fabric and fabric isn’t just about quilt! It was the first time I realized that I could make it freely. I just enjoyed playing with fabrics.