Motorcycle 2000


Machine Piecing
Machine, Hand Applique
Machine Quilting
Quilt Odyssey2000 コンテスト入選




This quilt was accepted for the exhibition Quilt Odyssey2000 in the U.S.
I had a friend who studied abroad in the United States and started attending a Motorcycle technical school.
To encourage him, I made a quilt with a motorcycle motif. I started the concept before going to the U.S. and completed the quilt while studying abroad.

The sky in the background created an original pattern, and piecing was done while matching various fabrics. At the quilt shop in Portland, Oregon where I first stayed, I learned about this technique, how to make original patterns. I learned how to arrange patterns and colors.

The ground imaged the Arizona desert where he lived. (Actually, this motorcycle can’t run in the desert.)

He is now a kind husband who carpenters all over the house, repairing home appliances, taking care of children on Sundays, and making fried eggs for his wife and children who oversleep each morning.